5 must have financial checks

5 must have financial checks

We look at some paramount financial matters you need to improve your financial health.

  1. Have your merged all superannuation funds into one fund? Keep them minimising fees and insurances in the one good fund. Review each year your return is performing well. Check your employer super has been paid. Keep your beneficiary nomination up to date, especially if you just got married or separated.
  2. Have you got a will and is it up to date?
  3. Have you considered and Personal insurances like life, income protection and trauma? If you own a rental property, have loans and family children, it is great to have things covered with these insurances. They may not be as expensive as you think or you can change your cover to meet your affordability.
  4. Are you always thinking ahead about your tax position? Has something occurred like you are thinking of selling property which requires you to tax plan the year ahead. We welcome your discussion to see if you can take better actions before it is too late.
  5. Have you considered adding money to your Superannuation to save on tax? Did you know for instance self employed people can contribute to their superannuation and claim a tax deduction. Certain limits apply and changes may soon mean employees can also do this. Perhaps we can also see if salary sacrificing can save you tax too.

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