How to become wealthier

How to get wealthy without marrying it or winning the lottery

Lately lots of people are asking me about what they should do better to get rich or get wealthier. So I have put some of my humble opinions together as an ordinary suburban accountant to help those who want to attract more wealth.

Let me start by saying just reading this is not going to get you there. I cannot guarantee your success, in fact only you can. Indeed you need to take responsibility for  your own action in creating more wealth. But here I can definitely give you some ideas on what you should be doing more of and less of to help you on your way to getting richer.

Find something you are good at

Probably or arguably the most important single thing you can do in this goal is to find something you are really good at. If you haven’t already done this, this could be the missing piece to create more wealth. So if you have no idea how to find this out, try to talking to someone who can guide you into the perfect thing for you to do and commit yourself to being successful at it.

Importantly you are going to need to be great at something. What I like to call a weapon for success in either career, business or investing.

If you no idea what your weapon for success is consider and ponder about yourself what you most likely love to do in these ways:

  • What do you love to talk about a lot
  • What do you like researching on say google, library or youtube. Yes people can research without search engines can you believe.
  • Which areas do you like improving in,
  • What things do you dream or contemplate about most
  • What types of activity are you most organised in

Talk to others who know you well too, but take action on finding your calling, passion or weapon for success and do it now.

Commit yourself to doing it for life as well, as when you love doing something for life you are way more successful!

Get help from someone and collaborate with others

Getting help from others is crucial to any goal including creating more wealth.

You may already have someone in mind to discuss narrowing down your weapon for success.

Additionally you may want to attract a good coach or mentor to assist you with your ambition. They may help you be accountable, take the right steps and steer you from taking the wrong strategy too.

Ideally you could attract another wealthy person you see as a role model. Someone you want to be like or at least emulate their success. Someone you have seen transform in the way you want to and who did it in your weapon of success. No doubt hanging around with someone who has done what want to achieve before, is someone you would find invaluable to guiding you.

You will also need others in making you get smarter and improve your ability, have the right attitude and take the right activity and strategy. In other words this is what the scientists call the success formula.

The Success Formula

What is the success formula. Well you need

  • Attitude
  • Activity
  • Ability

To be successful.

Look at yourself and discuss with others which you may be short in. If you are short in some areas take some action to improve.


Do you think you can do it? They say if you think you cannot win you have already lost.

Setting small steps is a way to habitually succeed in this area on your life.

Visualise and imagine your success, and what you aspire to.


Determine the plan and strategy of everything you can do to master your weapon of success and create more wealth.

It will not happen unless you work hard at this. So do it.

Stick to it as well. Do not give up.

Ability or Getting smarter

No doubt in order to achieve more in this area you need to learn more to be at the top of your game in your weapon of success.

Ways to do this are:

  • Personal development
  • Courses on your weapon of success
  • Reading and listening to audio books
  • Have others guide you on what you have and have not got that you need to bring you success

The importance of goal setting

Set START goals that are

  • Specific
  • Time by
  • Achievable
  • Reasons why you want to achieve them,
  • Tactics to achieve them

Then build this into your weekly to do list

An example of a smart goal is – It is now 30 May 20XX, I am now a successful accountant, I have a new job earning $xk, this is important so I can provide for my family and I initially achieved this by applying for X job per week and telling 5 people per week I am seeking work.

The importance of mind set

  • Are you sure you believe you can do it?
  • Spend time Imagining your success? Whatever you imagine you create. Use the law of attraction. Great ways to do this are to visualise, pray, imagine telling a friend you have not seen for a while about your successes.
  • Are you getting the ability to do it? So have you taken action on knowing what you need to. Committed yourself to continue development in your weapon of success. Staying positive and surrounding yourself with people who are guiding you up to your ambitions.

Of course do not forget

You are probably wealthy in your life in some other ways such as love, healthy or friends. So life is not just about the green stuff. So be balanced in your life goals. Be appreciative of what you have that is good in your life. But spend more time in your weaker areas. Do not let any of your weaker areas bring down some of your stronger areas.

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